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Goals for the Center of Arts and Wellness

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Goals for the Center for Arts and Wellness

Integration of principles and practices for injury prevention and performance psychology into the performing arts curriculum:

  • The Music 251 class, a required course, regularly offers Wellness Practices for Musicians in every fall and spring semester.
  • A textbook on Wellness Practices has been developed and is now in regular use for the Music 251 courses.
  • Master classes in health topics are provided each semester to students in the voice, piano, wind, and string departments.
  • Consultations and coaching for students preparing for recitals and auditions are provided free as a department service.
  • Free evaluations and referrals for students with overuse injuries are available onsite in the Music Department.

Development of certificate programs at the post-graduate level to train future teachers in Wellness Practices

Creation of ongoing continuing education short courses in Performing Arts Medicine for health professionals, and in Performance Psychology for medical and psychological health professionals

Delivery of health and wellness training workshops to professionals, performers, and the general public in the Greater Washington, D.C., area onsite at George Mason and at off-campus sites

Organization and sponsorship of colloquiums on health topics in the lives of musicians, dancers, actors, and artists

Posting of area practitioners with expertise in performing arts medicine, psychological counseling for artists, and postural and movement re-education trainers

Source listings of articles, journals, and web sites for information and research on Performing Arts Medicine and Performance Psychology

Development of initiatives for combined sponsorship of health and wellness programs with regional and national organizations